Tomat Zemlyanek: reviews, photos, yield


Growing tomatoes in a difficult climate zone always involves time and effort. Therefore, in such regions, unpretentious and well-zoned varieties are in special demand among gardeners. Tomato "Countryman" is considered by many to be a present from the Siberian breeders.

In order to grow a quality crop of tomatoes "Countryman", let's carefully read the description of the variety and its main characteristics.

The main differences unpretentious plants

Those who planted the “Countryman” variety on their plot willingly share reviews and photos of ripe tomatoes. Along the way, they post observations and describe the nuances of growing a plant. This helps other growers to decide on the choice of variety. The basic information that you need to know about the tomatoes "Countryman" is:

  1. The method of growing. The variety of tomatoes is designed for outdoor ridges. It tolerates the features of the climate of Siberia, but it can be grown in any region.
  2. Type of plant. Nonhybrid Summer residents can safely collect the seeds of tomatoes, using them for planting next year.
  3. Maturation term. This species belongs to early ripe tomatoes and pleases vegetable growers with tasty fruits after 95-100 days after germination.
  4. The type of bush. Determinant. Adult plant reaches 70-75 cm in height. Therefore, it does not require pinching, tying and forming, which makes it easier for growers to take care of it.
  5. Resistance to changes in environmental conditions. According to reviews of gardeners, a variety of tomatoes "Countryman" copes well with sharp jumps and lower temperatures.
  6. Susceptibility to diseases. Tomatoes "Countryman" are highly resistant to the main diseases of the culture.
  7. Productivity Vegetable growers from one bush collect up to 4 kg of tasty, beautiful and nutritious fruits. Many are proud of the yield of tomato “Countryman”, so they write good reviews about the variety and post photos of plants from their plots.

Description varieties of tomatoes "Countryman" can be continued by listing the merits of the fruit. In their reviews, vegetable growers note that Tomatoes of the “Countryman” variety have a rich color, the same size and a beautiful oblong shape. The weight of each tomato is about 70-80 g, up to 15 pieces ripen on one brush. The fruits are small, the maximum number of nests is three. The taste of the tomatoes "Countryman" is rich, has a pleasant sweetness. In addition, mature fruits are well stored and transported, so they are often grown for commercial purposes.

According to lovers of varieties, the shape and size of the tomatoes "Countryman" are suitable for whole-canning, which is clearly seen in the photo.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Grouping characteristics of tomatoes "Countryman" will help reviews of summer residents who grew the variety on their plots. Among the advantages of the variety they note:

  • the opportunity to get an early and guaranteed crop of tomatoes;
  • plant resistance to macrosporia, rot, black spot and septorioza;
  • the uniformity of the fruit, which allows to preserve them in the whole form;
  • unpretentious care;
  • good seed germination.

Among the shortcomings there is no clearly expressed, but vegetable growers say:

  1. Requirements for the composition of the soil. The variety prefers light fertile soil, so be sure to carry out pre-sowing training.
  2. Careful adherence to watering schedule. Violation of the regime affects the quality of fruit and crop yield.

These requirements bring trouble to growers only in regions with poor soil and lack of regular water supply. In other cases, according to the description of the variety, the growing of “Countryman” tomatoes does not require additional time and money.


You can grow a delicious look in two ways:

  • seedless or direct sowing into the ground;
  • seedlings, with the help of growing seedlings.

If the tomatoes "Countryman" will be planted in a region with a cool climate, then sowing seeds in the ground is impractical. Therefore, you need to take care of growing strong seedlings.

You need to start with the selection of seeds and check the planting material for germination. To do this, dissolve 2 tablespoons of table salt in a glass of water and pour out seeds of tomatoes "Countryman". Carefully mix the contents of the glass and watch what seeds fall to the bottom. They are suitable for growing seedlings. Selected seeds are dried at a temperature of 20 ° C - 24 ° C. After this procedure, the germination of tomatoes "Countryman" is not reduced.

The next step is to prepare high-quality soil and packaging for sowing. Soil can be purchased at a specialty store. In this case, it will fully comply with the culture requirements for nutrient composition and structure. If you decide to cook it yourself, then you need to do it in advance. After all, the sowing of seeds of tomatoes "Countryman" on seedlings begins when there is snow on the site.

Important! Do not use for soil mixtures the garden land from the ridges on which solanaceous crops grew.

The optimal composition of soil mixture:

  • peat - 2 parts;
  • garden soil - 1 part;
  • humus or compost - 1 part;
  • sand - 0.5 parts;
  • wood ash - 1 cup per bucket mix.

The soil is disinfected, if possible, calcined and placed in clean disinfected containers for seedlings.

Growing seedlings

According to the description of a variety of tomatoes "Countryman", you can get a very high yield by growing strong seedlings, as in the photo, which is confirmed by the reviews of gardeners.

In order for the seedlings to grow healthy, you need to pay attention to each stage - sowing, diving, and care. Begin to sow 2 months before the expected date of landing in open ground. Saplings dive, according to the description of agrotechnology of early ripe tomatoes "Zemlyanek", in the stage of appearance of two leaves (see photo).

When transplanting it is important to keep an earthen clod so as not to damage the delicate roots of a tomato seedling.

The process of sowing tomatoes is very simple:

  1. In the prepared soil make shallow grooves and gently spread the seeds at an equal distance from each other.
  2. Sprinkle the grooves with a thin layer of soil and moisten with a spray bottle.
  3. Cover the container with plastic wrap.
  4. As soon as sprouts appear, the film is removed and the containers are transferred closer to the light.

Care of seedlings is to maintain the optimum temperature (16 ° C -18 ° C), humidity (70%), high-quality watering and dressing. It is important to remember that we should not allow stretching and waterlogging of seedlings. Seedlings are watered when the top dry layer appears on the soil. Be sure to regularly inspect seedlings to prevent the occurrence of diseases or pests. 2 weeks before planting in the ground, the seedlings are hardened, but protected from drafts. According to the description of a variety of tomato "Countryman" and reviews of vegetable growers, seedlings in open ground are planted in early June.

The planting pattern is standard for early ripe tomatoes. 35 cm is left between the plants, the aisles are spaced at a distance of 70 cm. No more than 6 tomato bushes are placed on one square meter of area.

Caring for plants on the ridges

Planted seedlings in the prepared soil in early summer, when it warms up well and the danger of return frost goes away.

Important! The variety does not grow on soils with high acidity, so check this figure before marking the ridges on the site.

The main points of plant care are activities familiar to summer residents:

  1. Watering. Moisturize the bushes of tomatoes under the root after sunset with warm water.
  2. According to the description of agrotechnics of the “Countryman” tomato variety, drip irrigation of ridges is considered the best option (see photo). In industrial cultivation, special irrigation systems are built, because this type is demanding of moisture.
  3. Feeding. During the growing season it is enough to feed the tomatoes 2-3 times. The first time in the period of mass gain. Nitrogen components will be needed. Plants respond well to organics - an infusion of chicken manure or mullein, as well as mineral complexes. The second time with the appearance of flowers and the first ovaries. At this time, tomatoes are fed potash and phosphate fertilizers. Nutrient formulations are applied in liquid form after watering or rain. Foliar dressing contribute by spraying the compositions on the sheet.
  4. Weeding and loosening. Removing weeds helps protect tomatoes from many pests and diseases, as well as retain moisture and nutrients in the soil.


A detailed description and photo of a tomato "Countryman" help growers to make the right choice of varieties for cultivation. A big role is played by reviews of summer residents who have already planted plum tomatoes.

Elena Zabolotova, Voronezh Region Tomatoes of this variety attract me with the opportunity to grow in the open field and ease of care. I always plant a lot of bushes, so stading and garter takes almost all the time. And for the "Countryman" they are not required. The taste is pleasant, the fruits do not crack when canning, they look very appetizing. Almost not sick, but you need to monitor the watering and feed a couple of times for the season. Tatiana and Victor Korneev, Krasnodar Krai Brought tomato seeds "Countryman" from relatives living in Siberia. The grade is excellent. Because of the warm climate, we sow immediately into the ground. It is not necessary to graze tomatoes, the crop is stable, the taste is good - we have been growing a variety for several years. We distribute to neighbors and listen to thanks. Children really like for their taste and the original form of tomatoes.

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