Prozaro fungicide


Crops are susceptible to fungal diseases that are spread at high humidity and air temperature. To protect the landings from diseases used drug Prozaro. Fungicide prevents the development of diseases and increases the immune properties of plants.

Features of the fungicide

Prozaro drug has a systemic effect. Its components penetrate the vascular system of plants and destroy pathogenic cells.

Fungicide has a complex effect: it protects crops from the spread of diseases, relieves their infections and stimulates plant immunity.

After treatment, the effect of using the solution remains for 2-5 weeks. The period of action depends on the climatic conditions and the degree of infection of the plants.

The composition of the drug Prozaro includes two active ingredients: tebuconazole and prothioconazole. The content of each component is 125 g / l.

The fungicide Prozaro Quantum has a pronounced protective effect. In 1 liter of the drug contains 80 g of tebuconazole and 160 g of prothioconazole. Prozaro Quantum's fungicide is used to process wheat and rapeseed.

Active ingredients are triazoles, but they have different rates of penetration into plant cells. As a result, Prozaro provides both long-term protection and a good therapeutic effect.

Tebuconazole is a substance capable of penetrating plant tissue and destroying disease cells. The component acts against all types of rust that crops are prone to.

Prothioconazole has healing and protective properties. After penetration into plant cells, the substance has a positive effect on the development of cultures. The component spreads over plant tissues more slowly, which provides long-term protection.

Thanks to prothioconazole, a developed root system is formed in plants, bushiness and yield quality increases. Cultures absorb nutrients better and tolerate drought.

Prozaro is marketed by the German company Bayer. The fungicide has the form of a liquid emulsion, packaged in plastic cans with a capacity of 5 liters.


Prozaro fungicide has several advantages:

  • helps prevent various crop diseases;
  • has a protective effect and prevents the spread of the fungus;
  • increases the resistance of plants to infections;
  • eliminates pathogens after their penetration into plant tissue;
  • reduces the concentration of mycotoxins in the grains;
  • valid immediately after use;
  • is not phytotoxic when dosages are observed;
  • effective regardless of weather conditions;
  • provides a long period of protection.


The main disadvantages of the fungicide Prozaro are:

  • the need to adhere to the prescribed dosages;
  • mandatory compliance with safety regulations;
  • high cost of the drug.

Application procedure

Prozaro drug is used in the required concentration. For the preparation of the solution requires enamel or plastic utensils.

The emulsion is first diluted in a small volume of water. Then add the remaining amount of fluid. Plants are treated on a sheet by hand or with the use of special equipment.


Spring and winter wheat is prone to spike fusarium. The disease has a fungal nature and leads to a loss of up to 20% yield.

In Fusarium, the collected grain is of poor quality and contains mycotoxins. Such a product is not acceptable for processing, including as animal feed.

Fusarium spreads during the flowering period. Therefore, prophylactic treatments are carried out during this period, when the first visible anthers appear on the ear.

In accordance with the application instructions for fungicide Prozaro, 1 liter of emulsion is taken for 1 hectare of plantings. Consumption of the prepared solution - 300 l per 1 ha.

Prozaro is also used to protect wheat from powdery mildew, rust, and dark brown spot. The rate of the drug per 1 hectare is set at 0.6-0.8 l. To spray this area requires 200 liters of solution. The treatment is carried out at the beginning of wheat earing.


Barley needs protection from powdery mildew, spotting, rust, and rinhosporioza. Prozaro fungicide treatment is performed at the beginning of the heading culture. During the season requires 1-2 treatments. Re-spraying is carried out 30 days after the first procedure.

Prozaro fungicide solution is prepared according to the instructions for use: from 1 to 6 liters of suspension is taken for 1 hectare of planting. 200 liters of the prepared solution is enough to handle 1 ha.


A serious danger to rape is represented by fungal diseases of fomoz and altrenariosis. The lesion covers both young and adult plants. The spread of disease provokes harmful fungi.

Prozaro fungicide treatment according to the instructions begin in the presence of signs of disease - dark spots on the stems and leaves. Spraying is repeated after 10-14 days.

On 1 hectare enough from 0.6 to 0.8 liters of suspension. The rate of the working solution for the specified area is 250 liters.


Corn plantations can be seriously affected by root rot, fusarium, molding of cobs, and smut. Affected plants are lagging behind in development, in the absence of therapeutic measures, they die.

To protect the plantings, a solution of the fungicide Prozaro is prepared. According to the instructions for one hundred we need 100 ml of suspension. The consumption of the resulting liquid for spraying this area should not exceed 300-400 liters.

Spraying is carried out once during the flowering period in order to prevent or in the presence of the first symptoms of disease. It is recommended to apply the fungicide Prozaro with insecticides.

Precautionary measures

The drug Prozaro has 2 hazard class for humans and the 3rd class for bees. When interacting with the solution adhere to safety rules.

Before starting work wear rubber gloves and a respirator. The solution is used within 24 hours after preparation. At the time of treatment, animals and people without protective agents are removed from the site. Spraying is carried out at a distance from water bodies.

Spraying is carried out in dry cloudy weather. It is allowed to choose the morning or evening period.

Important! During the work with solution do not allow its hit on open parts of the body. In case of direct contact, wash off with clean water.

When ingested solution you need to drink several glasses of pure water and activated carbon in the amount of 1 g per 1 kg of body weight. Be sure to go to the doctor.

Prozaro is stored in a dry place out of the reach of animals and children. Storage period - no more than 2 years from the date of production.

Customer Reviews

Vasily, 59 years old, Volgograd. I grow barley and rye for sale. Prophylactic treatments - a mandatory step in the care of plantings. Of the last used drugs, Prozaro's fungicide has proven to be a good one. Excellent tool, suitable for processing fields in a mechanized way. The product is not cheap, but all costs are compensated by a high yield of grain crops. Alice, 42, Krasnodar Prozaro fungicide saved the corn from the spread of fusarium. It was possible to notice the first symptoms of the disease and carry out spraying. The drug has a preventive effect. The next year I plan to use the solution for the prevention of various diseases. Anton, 37 years old, Ufa Therefore, I pay special attention to their protection against diseases. Among the tested drugs, Prozaro is highly effective. Add it to the tank mixture for spraying wheat. The protective properties of the drug at a high level, signs of disease are not observed.


Prozaro drug has a complex effect on plants. Its components penetrate into the plant tissue and neutralize the cells of the harmful fungus. As a result, crops become more resistant to infections, drought and weather conditions.

Fungicide is suitable for the prevention of disease, and also successfully cope with lesions on plants. When working with the drug comply with safety regulations. The working solution stays on the leaves and shoots for a long time, which reduces the number of treatments.