Hozblok for giving with a shower and a toilet


Not every cottage is equipped with an internal toilet and a bathroom - very often outside the city they come only in the warm season, so there is simply no need for capital buildings. Another obstacle for the construction of an internal bathroom is the lack of a centralized sewer system in the suburban area.

The output in such cases will be a street shower and toilet in the country. On what types of outdoor bathrooms exist, how to build a toilet and equip the correct drain hole under the shower, as well as on trailers combined with the bathroom - this article.

Choice of toilet and shower design for the villa

Production of shower and toilet should begin with a review and selection of a suitable design. Today on the suburban areas use completely different systems of bathrooms and showers: from the simplest summer-type structures to modern cabins and toilets with a sink.

The most popular are the following construction options for a shower and toilet:

  1. Cabin with toilet and shower is popular in those areas that are just bought, and the capital house on them has not yet been built. A small temporary-type structure will become a haven for a landlord involved in garden beds or building a capital house. Subsequently, it is not necessary to demolish the barn, you can continue to use it as a summer house with a toilet and a shower, it is convenient to fold garden tools here, and you can drink lemonade and relax on a small sofa. Typically, such garden houses equip shower summer design, when the water is heated from the sun. But it is possible to bring the water supply here and bring the toilet drain and shower to the sewer - it all depends on the desires of the owner and his material capabilities. The design of the “shed” type cabins is very popular, when two wings (two rooms) are connected by a shower and a toilet, and the entrance to the room is located along a long wall. Capital change houses can be heated and used at any time of the year.
  2. Hozblok for giving under one roof with a shower and a toilet. As you know, the combined buildings significantly save space and money - for their construction does not require large expenditures, and the benefits will be enormous. For example, a shower with a toilet, built together with a barn, is often used by avid gardeners or gardeners who spend their entire day in beds and flower beds. After all, it is very convenient to bring in gardening equipment and immediately wash your hands, bathe in the shower or visit the toilet. In addition, such a structure will take up very little space on the plot, which is especially important for standard six-hectare country houses. It is quite simple to make a shed combined with a toilet and a shower, it is quite possible to cope with this task independently, without attracting professional builders. If we approach the matter with a share of fantasy, it is quite possible to turn even such a building into an original corner of the garden.
  3. Modular designs with a shower and a toilet under one roof also save space, they are especially relevant for summer houses with fertile soil, where every inch of precious land can be used to good advantage - plant a tree, grow a grapevine or a valuable variety of potatoes. As a rule, such bathrooms duplicate the bath and toilet located inside the house. They are convenient to use in the summer heat, when you do not want to go into a hot house or carry garden dust and dirt into clean rooms. It is the modular construction of toilets and showers that is most popular among Russian summer residents - the process is simple and, from the material point of view, not very costly.
  4. Separate toilet with shower is now rarely used. After all, each of these buildings must be built separately, and this causes certain difficulties. The only case when such buildings are justified is if there is no place for a modular structure on the site.
Attention! When choosing a site for the construction of a toilet and a shower, one should give preference to elevated places with well-ventilated soil. In lowland or wetland areas, the cesspool will fill up too quickly, and the foundation of the building will not be able to provide sufficient strength.

How to build a toilet and shower in the country with their own hands

The dacha bathroom has certain requirements, first of all this building must meet sanitary standards. There should not be strong unpleasant odors that indicate an increase in the safe level of poisonous gas - methane. All floors and structures above the cesspool must be durable and reliable to be able to withstand the weight of a person and remain efficient for more than a dozen years. In addition, at the design stage of a shower with a toilet, it is necessary to determine the method of supplying water to the shower and the type of toilet (with or without a sink).

Tip! When building a summer shower and toilet with a cesspool, it is necessary to locate the building so that special equipment can drive up to it to pump out waste.

The advantages of combined construction

The advantages of modular construction with a shower and a toilet are obvious - besides saving space, these are:

  • saving budget for the purchase of building materials;
  • the need to build a single, common, foundation;
  • installation of a single roofing system;
  • common sump and drainage system;
  • supply of water to a single point;
  • common ventilation system in the shower and toilet.

There are no drawbacks to modular construction - this building is expedient and fully justified.

Preparation for the construction of shower and toilet under the same roof

The toilet combined with the shower is most conveniently done from wood. This material is inexpensive, affordable, easy to work with, it does not require special skills and tools. Although it is quite possible to replace wood with plastic clapboard, for example, or other synthetic material.

In addition, on the basis of a wooden frame, you can use any cladding material: moisture-proof plywood, OSB-plates, plastic, polycarbonate. They also create frame constructions made of wood, which are justified if the shower with a toilet needs to be warmed with foam or mineral wool.

Important! The cesspool of the bathroom can not be located closer than 15 meters from drinking water sources or capital buildings with a foundation. If there is not enough space on the site for such distances, you can seal the drain hole with brick, roofing material, concrete or other materials.

Below will be considered the process of building a simple wooden bathroom with a shower under the gable roof and with a common cesspool.

Stages of the construction of a shower with a toilet

Important! Summer shower is usually supplied with water from the tank. Therefore, even before construction, it is necessary to purchase or manufacture a container for heating and accumulating bathing water.

For convenience, the construction of a modular bathroom can be divided into several stages:

  1. The first step is to dig a hole for draining. Its size and depth are calculated taking into account the flow of groundwater and the number of people who will use the toilet and shower. For an average dacha, a pit with a depth of 2.5-3 meters and a perimeter of 1.5x1 meters is enough. Sometimes toilet pits are made round; this is especially convenient when using concrete rings as insulation.
  2. The size of the modular bathroom can be any. Comfortable parameters are the following: height - 2500 mm, length - 2750 mm, width - about 2000 mm. In such toilets there will be a place for a washstand, and in the shower you can install a bench and shelves.
  3. If the source of drinking water is less than 25 meters, it is better to isolate the pit - close the walls and bottom with sealing material. Most often, the walls are laid out of brick laid on the cement mortar, and the bottom is covered with sand and rubble, filling it all with concrete.
  4. Now you can proceed to the foundation. Modular shower in the country, made of wood, it is possible to install on the foundation of the column or pile type, because the design will be quite easy. The depth to which the pillars go underground is approximately 80 cm. The dug holes should be located at a distance of 100-130 cm from each other. Their bottom is covered with sand and gravel, rammed and installed formwork for plywood or boards. Three to five metal rods serving as base reinforcement are enough for a shower and a toilet - they are inserted into the formwork and tied with wire. Now everyone poured concrete and left to dry.
  5. On the frozen foundation lay the lower strapping of wooden timber. Above the drain hole, the strapping is made of a metal channel, since the wood will quickly rot due to characteristic vapors.
  6. Vertical supports are installed on the harness — first, an angular element on each side of the toilet and a shower, then two columns along the center line for mounting the partition, and racks defining the width of the doors (two separate doors 70–80 cm wide each).
  7. Now came the turn of the top trim, which is made of timber and secured with metal corners.
  8. Skeleton toilet and shower, leaving room for windows.
  9. Sheathe the walls with planed boards, not forgetting about the partition.
  10. In the toilet, make an elevation in the form of steps, which will replace the full toilet. Cut a hole in it to install the seat. Now the floor in the toilet is sewn up with boards, covering them with plywood or chipboard.
  11. In the shower, you need to make a slope of the floor for quality water drainage. For this, floors are poured with concrete, making the slope in the direction of the drain about 2 degrees per meter of shower.
  12. Connect the plastic drain pipe and withdraw its second edge to the cesspool.
  13. Mount the roof on the shower, starting with the installation of vertical supports, tabs on them ridge beam. Now they have truss legs, the length of which should be 20-30 cm beyond the walls of the shower and toilet, forming a canopy. Step between rafters - 60 cm.
  14. Slate or metal tile is laid on the batten of the boards, fixing with screws.
  15. In the windows inserted glass, hang the door. On the roof of the shower fix the water tank.
Important! Do not forget about the lid for the drain hole. It should be convenient to open to pump out the cesspool, but at the same time be sufficiently reliable for the safety of children in the area.

Toilet and shower ventilation

It would seem that the toilet and the summer shower are ready. But this is not so - a high-quality building must be equipped with a good ventilation system, otherwise the gases from the cesspool will be able to truly “poison the life” of the inhabitants of the dacha.

To ventilate the shower and toilet, a hole is made in the cesspool hatch, a pipe is inserted into it and the edge of it is brought out onto the roof of the toilet and shower. The upper point of the pipe should be 20-40 cm above the ridge line. Only in this way will the necessary thrust arise and the gases will not penetrate the inside of the shower and toilet.

Another duct must be inserted into the wall of the toilet; to do this, a hole with a diameter of about 10 cm is made in the upper part of the outer pipe. The pipe is led out parallel to the first one. The edges of the pipes are covered with special umbrellas that protect against precipitation.

A simple toilet and a shower for giving under one roof is ready. Creating a modular bathroom should not cause difficulties even for a novice builder just by this example, the owner can practice before building a capital house on the site.

The non-professional can be helped by a video about building a shower and toilet at the dacha: