Tomatoes Bull's Heart


Tomato Bull's heart can be called a deserved favorite of all gardeners. Probably in the middle lane there is no such person who does not know the taste of this tomato. The Bull's Heart variety has earned its popularity precisely because of its special taste: the pulp of the tomato is very sweet and meaty. These tomatoes have many advantages, but there are also disadvantages, features and requirements for growing conditions - the gardener should know about all this even at the stage of buying seeds.

Characteristics of tomato Bull heart and a detailed description of the variety can be found in this article. Here you will also be told about agricultural technology and the stages of growing tomato data.


As already mentioned, these tomatoes love for their great taste. Indeed, no matter how hard the breeders fought, they failed to bring out a more saturated, fragrant and sweet tomato. Bull's heart is a great tomato option for fresh consumption. This tomato is tasty in itself, you can eat fruits with salt and sunflower oil, they are good with sour cream or mayonnaise, excellent salads and fragrant sauces are made from heart-shaped tomatoes.

Attention! Do not wait for the harvest tomato in the form of beautiful hearts. The bullish heart with its appearance resembles a real anatomical heart - a slightly flattened oval (this can be seen from the photo of the fruit).

The characteristics of the Bull Heart variety are as follows:

  • Tomato belongs to the determinant type, that is, the bushes stop their growth on their own, they do not need to pinch. Usually the growth of tomato is limited to three or four processes with the ovary.
  • Tomatoes Bullish heart tall, powerful bushes, well branched. Sometimes the height of tomatoes exceeds 170 cm, the standard height of the bushes is about 100-120 cm.
  • The ripening period of a tomato can be called late, since fruits need to be fully mature for three to three and a half months (120-135 days after the first sprout appears).
  • Agrotehnika varieties Bull heart ordinary. You can grow these tomatoes both in the greenhouse and in the open field. Planted tomatoes seedling method.
  • The shape of the fruit is elongated, can be flat. They are painted in crimson color, the flesh of the tomato is also bright crimson. There is little water in the fruits of the Bull Heart, so they are so sweet, their taste is concentrated. The mass of fruits can be different, but they are all quite large, often reaching a weight of 400 grams.
  • Variety Bull heart can not be called unpretentious. Still, this tomato loves the sun and heat, it does not tolerate high humidity, in many regions the fruits of the late variety do not have time to ripen. To grow large and tasty tomatoes, it is necessary to fertilize the ground well, as well as regularly water the beds with tomatoes.
  • The yield of the variety strongly depends on the growing conditions. So, in the open field it turns out to collect up to five kilograms of tomatoes from each bush, and in the greenhouse you can take up to 12 kg of crop from one plant.
Important! The shape and size of the fruits of a bull heart can vary significantly even on a single plant. Usually, 3-4 of the largest and fleshy tomatoes ripen in the lower part of the bush, their shape most resembles the heart. The remaining tomatoes are smaller, and have a more rounded, oval shape, but they are just as tasty and fragrant.

To date, there are several varieties of bullish heart, because breeders are trying in every way to diversify this extraordinary variety. Divide new hybrids in fruit appearance into:

  • black
  • pink
  • yellow;
  • whites.

The above description suggests that the variety of tomatoes Bull heart deserves the attention of every gardener. This is also indicated by the rave reviews of those who have already planted these tomatoes in their garden.

Growing up

To grow a decent crop of tomatoes, it is not enough to take into account all the features and properties of a particular variety, it is also necessary to follow the rules of agricultural technology. It cannot be said that Bull's heart is an especially capricious variety, but this tomato has its weak points, and this must be taken into account.

The disadvantages of bullish heart include the following nuances:

  1. The need for tying bushes because of their high growth and a large mass of fruits.
  2. For the reason that the bushes are very sprawling, they often do not have enough air, therefore, Bull's heart is planted in open ground at intervals of at least one meter between the bushes, and the greenhouse must be aired.
  3. The variety is able to withstand many diseases, but Bull's heart often becomes infected with late blight, and therefore needs to prevent this fungal disease and observe the rules of cultivation.
  4. Tomato ripening dates are late, not in all climatic conditions, the fruits will have time to ripen before the onset of autumn cold weather. Exit from this situation - greenhouses and greenhouses.
Tip! If the gardener is going to grow Bull's heart for the first time, he definitely needs to read the description of the variety, reviews of other owners. It is best to plant a couple of bushes in the first year in order to observe their development and, if necessary, adjust agricultural machinery in the next year.

Seed preparation for planting

Like all late tomatoes, Bull's heart is sown on seedlings in early March. Tomato seeds need to be prepared for planting, then their germination will be higher, and the seedlings themselves will be healthier and stronger.

Preparing a Bull Heart Seed is as follows:

  • soaking seeds in melt water to stimulate growth. Getting melt water is simple: they pour water from the tap into a plastic bag and freeze it for several hours. When most of the liquid turns into ice, you need to drain the remaining water. The ice is melted and tomato seeds are placed in the formed water. Withstand them for 12-14 hours at room temperature.
  • To disinfect the seeds of tomatoes, they are placed in a solution of potassium permanganate. The solution should be weak, pinkish. Here the seeds are held for a short time - 15-20 minutes, then washed with running water.
  • If expensive seeds are bought, you can use growth stimulants or feed them with special mineral complexes - this will significantly increase the number of sprouted tomatoes.

The prepared seeds of the Bull heart are laid out on a moistened cloth or cotton pad, covered with a lid and put in a warm place. A few days later, the tomatoes should germinate - the seeds will turn.

Planting seeds on seedlings

Planting tomato seeds is recommended in a special purchase of the soil intended for seedlings. It is likely that the store will find the soil, the composition of which is ideal for tomato varieties Bullish heart - you need to ask the seller about this.

Tip! In order for seedlings to better acclimatize in specific conditions, it is recommended to mix the purchased soil with the land in which tomatoes will subsequently grow.

The soil is heated to room temperature, laid out in plastic cups so that the layer of earth is uniform and is about 3 cm. Now they pour the earth with distilled water of room temperature. Take tweezers and lay out the seeds of a bullish heart in each cup. Sprinkle seeds with a thin layer of dry soil.

Containers or cups of tomato seeds covered with a film or airtight lid and clean in a warm place for germination. When the first shoots appear, the cover is removed - this should be done gradually. Tomatoes are transferred to a cooler and lighter place (a windowsill on the south side is perfect).

Tomato dive

When on the seedlings of tomatoes there are two true leaves, it is time to dive, that is, to plant in separate containers. Diving has a beneficial effect on seedlings: the roots of plants are strengthened, tomatoes become hardened, they are prepared for the next transplant to a permanent place.

Before diving seedlings need to water. After a couple of hours, sprouts are carefully removed and transplanted into large containers with the same composition of primer.

Attention! To seedlings to be strong, it must be hardened. To do this, the seedlings are brought to the balcony or open a window, gradually reducing the temperature and increasing the time of the procedure.

Planting a Bull Heart Seedling

If it is supposed to grow Bullish heart in a greenhouse, it is necessary to plant seedlings already in the beginning of May. The height of the tomatoes at this point should be 20-25 cm, there should be 7-8 strong leaves on the bushes, the first buds of inflorescences can be observed.

Growing Bull heart in the open field, you should consider the climate of a particular region. As a rule, only the gardeners of the south of the country grow this variety on the beds, in other areas it is better to prefer a greenhouse, as the tomato may not ripen.

The distance between the holes is not less than a meter. The depth of the fossa should be such that from the ground until the first leaves remained 3-4 cm. Water the seedlings better less often, but more abundant. Use mulch or cardboard to keep moisture in the ground.

Important! As the Bull's heart develops, these tomatoes need to be fertilized at least three times. It is better to use humus and mineral additives, fresh organics are undesirable.


Ludmila, 48 years old, Izhevsk. I have been growing tomatoes. Bull's heart for several years now, and I know a lot about this variety. According to my observations, in the middle lane (we live in the Moscow region), these tomatoes do not have time to fully ripen. Therefore, gardeners have two options: only part of the crop to be ripped from the bush in a ripe form, the rest of the fruit put on ripening in a warm place; grow tomatoes in the greenhouse. Greenhouse cultivation increases the yield of tomato variety Bull's heart, but in the greenhouse there is a very high risk of infection of the bushes with late blight.

Irina, Irkutsk. We plant these tomatoes in open ground, a couple of weeks after planting we carry out prevention of late blight, watering only under the root, we mulch the soil. For several years, the Bull's heart has never been sick, the fruits are beautiful and large, and the bushes are green.


Bull's heart is an excellent variety that has been cultivated in the vegetable gardens of the country for many years and has established itself as one of the most delicious and fruitful tomatoes. The fruits of this tomato are very tasty, but preserve them will not work, as they are quite large. The juice from a bull's heart also does not, because these tomatoes have a lot of sugary pulp.

Considering all of the above, a few bushes of these tomatoes are enough for a gardener and his family for their own needs in order to get plenty of fresh and tasty fruits.