Potato variety Aurora: characteristic


For those who just decided to try growing potatoes on their own plot is always difficult. The experience of previous generations, on the one hand, shows that this is not an easy task, it requires a good physical form, on the other hand, there are so many varieties around that the eyes diverge. After all, I want everything to work out the first time, otherwise then the hands will fall. Therefore, beginners should take a very serious approach to the choice of planting material, so that the works are not in vain. A variety must be proven and reliable. As if the Aurora potato was created specially for beginners. Reliability, unpretentiousness to a variety of weather conditions and yields, a little potato variety can be compared with it, but it is also tasty. So, first things first.

Variety description

Description varieties of potatoes Aurora is best to start with its history. This variety of potato was obtained by a group of breeders of Vsevolzhskaya Selection Station CJSC already more than 10 years ago. The same organization is the originator of the variety. In 2006, it was registered in the State Register of Russia with recommendations for use in nine regions of Russia. Interestingly, these regions occupy almost the entire European part from the North to the North Caucasus and the Far Eastern region is separately included.

Attention! Potatoes Aurora is zoned in the European part of Russia almost everywhere - from the far north to the Black Sea.

Shrubs of this variety are distinguished by their great height and power, so they get more sunlight, but they also tend to fall apart. Therefore, the hilling of plants of this potato must be carried out repeatedly, otherwise most of the stems will simply lie on the ground. The leaves are also large, leafiness above average. The leaves themselves are light green, with a slight waviness along the edges.

Blossom potato bushes of the Aurora variety are short-lived, but very beautiful. Corollas of flowers are large, purple-red color.

Characteristics of a variety

The potato variety Aurora belongs to mid-ripening maturity. That is, you can harvest in 75 - 90 days after planting.

Potatoes have a rather high yield. On average, from one hectare you can get 250-300 centners of potatoes. The maximum yield is about 400 quintals per hectare.

Comment! One bush of potatoes can produce from 9 to 20 fairly large tubers.

The safety of potato tubers is also very good and is 94%.

The characteristics of the Aurora variety would be incomplete if not to mention its resistance to diseases. Variety Aurora is highly resistant to the golden potato nematode and potato cancer. To the phytophthora of tubers and the aerial parts of the bush, the resistance is rather average.

Characteristics of tubers

Tubers of potato varieties Aurora differ oblong shape and rather large size. On average, the weight of one tuber is from 90 to 150 grams. But quite often there are tubers weighing 300 and even 500 grams. The pulp is creamy. Starch content varies from 14 to 17%. A similar percentage of starch content allows you to savor crumbly tasty boiled potatoes.

The color of the potato skin Aurora is light brown, the skin itself is smooth and thin. Tubers of this variety have a rather attractive appearance.

The eyes are usually few, they are small and not very noticeable, which creates comfortable conditions for peeling potatoes.

Tuber marketability is quite good and ranges from 85 to 95%.

Taste characteristics are great. It is for your taste that Aurora potatoes are often chosen for replanting. From it you can cook almost any potato dishes.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Aurora variety has many advantages due to which it is planted year after year, even despite the appearance of new interesting varieties.

  • High yield;
  • Excellent taste - when cooking potatoes, it turns out fragrant and crumbly;
  • Resistance to many diseases;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Good lezhkost.

Deficiencies in varieties Aurora was not observed, except that its mid-maturity. In order to eat as quickly as possible with fresh potatoes, you will have to choose from other, earlier varieties. But its yield and good preservation of tubers make it possible to provide its family with tasty and healthy potatoes for the whole winter.

Features of growing

Potatoes Aurora, as you have probably already understood, are not at all whimsical to the growing conditions, but to get record harvests, you still have to do everything possible to make the plants feel comfortable.

For faster and more reliable sprouting of tubers, they should be put about greening and germinating in a bright and preferably cool place about a month before planting. For planting potatoes, you need to make sure that the earth is already warm enough.

Tip! Look at the birch, if the first leaves have already blossomed on it, you can start planting potatoes.

Planting should be done in the manner adopted in your locality - in the north it is better to do this in the ridges, and in the south, on the contrary, digging into the ground to protect the tubers from drying out. However, the method of planting also depends on the composition of the soil, on heavy soils even in the south it is better to plant potatoes in ridges.

This variety of potato tolerates drought perfectly, therefore, when grown in conditions of a middle band, in irrigations, it may not be necessary.

Hilling the Aurora potato not only helps protect the tubers from frost, but also saves enough moisture in the potato plantings. Since the variety has a sufficient height of bushes, hilling continues until the beginning of flowering.

A good technique that allows tubers to ripen as well as possible is cutting the entire above-ground part of the potato about two weeks before harvesting. After harvesting, the tubers must be well dried and stored.

Reviews gardeners

Despite the fact that the Aurora potato variety has been grown for just over 10 years, it has received many excellent reviews from people who have already recorded it as their favorites and are not going to change their preferences in the coming years.

Larisa, 45 years old, Nizhnevartovsk I really like potato Aurora. I have been planting it for three years now and I am not going to change it for any Dutch varieties. First, I get 400-500 kg of potatoes per one hundred. I think this is a very good harvest, while the potatoes are tasty, boiled soft. All my eat with great appetite. And then he is well kept. I left a box of potatoes just in the kitchen, and we ate it for a long time and it didn’t spoil at all. Mikhail, 52, Voronezh We plant this variety for several years. I bought some high introduction tubers, and I immediately liked its productivity. Almost all left that year for seed. And then he spread it himself. Last year I collected about two tons from four hundred squares of landings. I grow it for sale. Buyers like her form and, in general, her appearance is very attractive. And if you boil it with a crunchy cucumber, nothing more is needed. Standing variety! Elena, 38 years old, Krasnodar We have tried many varieties of potatoes, but of the mid-season varieties, Aurora was and remains one of the favorite varieties. Potatoes are very tasty and well kept. Yes, and the harvest is also a sin to complain. Last year, the weather was hot, the summer was dry, and without watering almost all the potatoes did not go away, just dried out in the bud. Only Aurora and helped out, if it were not for her, we would have remained without potatoes for the winter.


Potatoes Aurora enjoys deserved love throughout Russia, including even the Far East.