Tools and equipment

Motokosa Huskvarna 128r


Summer grass mowing is a habitual occupation for homeowners. To make the process as convenient as possible will help benzokosa Husqvarna, the operation of which does not cause difficulties. Information about the device and the technical characteristics of the Huskvarna gas mowers will facilitate the familiarization stage and will help you quickly get used to the initial stages of use.

Purpose and specifications of the gas mowers

The use of self-propelled gas mowers does not guarantee the quality result of work in the presence of hard-to-reach places on the garden plot, uneven ground or the presence of numerous obstacles in the form of plantations or hemp. In such cases, the manual trimmer will come to the rescue. Among the many models, experts recommend to pay attention to the product of the Swedish company benzokosu Husqvarna 128r.

The motokosa Husqvarna is intended for processing of the areas on small and average sites. It is indispensable for the need to remove grass in the area of ​​borders and flower beds. The predecessor of the model 128r is considered to be the Mococosa Husqvarna 125r, whose high resource combined with an affordable price attracted an extensive circle of buyers. The result of minor improvements in the construction of the mowers for two years has been an improved design in the form of the Husqvarna model 128r.

Main technical characteristics of the benzosy:


Model 128r

Engine power

0.8 kW, equivalent to 1.1 hp

Maximum rotation speed

11,000 rpm

Cylinder volume

28cm cu.

Maximum allowable processing width for 1 pass

0.45 m

Unit weight (without protective casing, cutting parts and fuel)

4.8 kg

Volume of tank gas mowers Husqvarna

400 ml

Fuel consumption

507 g / kWh

Rod length

1.45 m

The diameter of the knife

25.5 cm

The noise level produced by the Husqvarna gas mower

About 110 dB

Important! The use of E-Tech 2 technology in the development of the Husqvarna motor mowers has contributed to a significant reduction in exhaust emissions.

The quick start of the Husqvarna gas mowers after a long idle time is provided by the Smart Start system and a primer for fuel pumping. Straight bar and the shape of the arms, identical to the bicycle, allow you to improve control over the movements during operation. Compared with curved outlines, a straight rod of motokosa is considered more reliable. The ability to fold bicycle handles facilitates convenient transportation of the Husqvarna gas mowers. Fuel level control is available thanks to the white plastic of the motokosa fuel tank. To bring the unit in working condition, just pull the cord without much sharpness. The Husqvarna 128 r model requires 40% less effort to start.

Device benzokosy and preparation for work

Motokosa Husqvarna 128 r is equipped as follows:

  • To remove high and tough grass, as well as small bushes, a four-blade knife is designed;
  • semi-automatic trimmer head;
  • bar and protective cover;
  • the handle is bicycle;
  • a set of keys;
  • shoulder straps for carrying the Husqvarna 128 r.

The operation of the Huskvarna mowers with the use of fishing line is possible only for mowing small grass.

Husqvarna's benzokosu can be put together by the instruction manual or the recommendations below, following which the process will take no more than a quarter of an hour:

  • Initially, with the help of two screws, the manual control stand is fixed in place.
  • Connect cables.
  • Mounting the handle on the stand of the Husqvarna gas mowers is also done with screws.
  • Next on Huskvarna motokosa a protective shield is attached, the task of which is to reduce pollution from mowed grass.
Attention! The operation of the gas mowers is accompanied by the spread of grass clippings, which often fall on the face and other parts of the body, so it is better to work with glasses and clothing that protects against scratches. This feature is not only characteristic of the Husqvarna model mowing machine, but also of all manual trimmers designed to remove grass.

To operate the engine of the Huskvarna gas mowers, it is necessary to prepare a mixture of 1 l of Ai92 gasoline and 50 gr. special oil, after which it is poured into the tank. At the beginning of the cold start, it is required to open the valve three quarters with the help of the control knob.

So that the Benzokosa Husqvarna does not damage the surrounding objects or the master himself, they should be given a safe position before starting work. After that, you can pull the cord manual starter. At the very beginning of the process, the procedure must be repeated 3-4 times. Like all new engines, the Husqvarna gas mowing unit needs running in. To do this, he must work for a quarter of an hour at idle. After that, you can directly go to mowing grass motokosa.

Features of operation

In order to use the Husqvarna motor-mowing machine in the most convenient mode, the following recommendations will help:

  • Prior to the start of mowing, the suspension system is tuned in to achieve a proper fit.
  • It is optimal when, after adjustment, the body of the Husqvarna gasoline mower with a half-bent arm position does not reach the soil surface by 10–15 cm. The work of the Husqvarna motor-mower without using the suspension system is not only burdensome, but also significantly increases the risk of injury.
  • The considerable noise of the running Husqvarna gas mowers creates a certain discomfort. To reduce the side effect will help the use of a helmet or headphones.

Within an hour, the unit is able to mow the grass in an area of ​​about 2 acres. Considering the breaks necessary for cooling the motor of the Huskvarna motokos, it will take 4 hours to clean the area with the classic six weave.

Minor damage to the Husqvarna gas mowers can be done independently. When a problem with ignition deserve attention candles. If they are dry, it is worth trying to adjust the carburetor. Perhaps the situation is provoked by an incorrect launch of the Husqvarna gas mowers. Careful re-examination of the instruction manual will help eliminate the problem. It will not be difficult to change the air filter of the mowers, which eventually become clogged. Elimination of more complex breakdowns should be entrusted to professionals.

With regular routine inspection, timely replacement of damaged parts and compliance with the operating conditions of the gas mower Husqvarna will last a long period.